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The Max Havelaar label is a registered trademark. It is the property of the Max Havelaar Foundation (Switzerland).

The Max Havelaar Foundation (Switzerland) is the contact point for all partners based in Switzerland who use the Max Havelaar label on a national or even international level. All advertising and communication materials such as packaging, advertisements, flyers, posters, websites, advertising articles, press texts, etc. for which the quality label is used must be submitted to the Max Havelaar Foundation (Switzerland) for approval before they are produced. This applies to new and subsequent productions. It is therefore important to involve the Max Havelaar Foundation (Switzerland) early in the development process.

Design guidelines
The design guidelines of the Max Havelaar Foundation (Switzerland) are binding. They serve to implement the visual identity in a professional and lively manner and to ensure a uniform presentation of the Max Havelaar label.

The contents of the visual identity manual are to be treated confidentially and may not be passed on to third parties without the explicit consent of the Max Havelaar Foundation (Switzerland).

For further information please contact
Max Havelaar Foundation (Switzerland), phone +41 44 278 99 00, or info@maxhavelaar.ch